Sunday, May 26, 2013

laziness + busy-ness = a quiet blog

But I'm going to work on not being too lazy (and busy) to update more often.

Lots going on here... prom, graduation planning and attending, finishing up the "big" house project I've been working on, garden planting, mandolin playing (thank you again Loren, it's crossed the line to obsession... :) mixed with more than a little just lazing around.

Yesterday was an exciting day, as we received a package from K (dd#3) who is in Ghana with the Peace Corps.

She sent a variety of gifts from Africa, most made as income producers by groups organized and supported by Peace Corps volunteers (a group for women with AIDS for example).

My favorite, of course, was my Mother's Day gift... A bag made by the tailor in K's village out of the same fabric as K's favorite head wrap.


It makes me feel closer to my girl who is so far away...

That's it for now, hopefully some catch up pictures tomorrow. :)

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