Wednesday, May 29, 2013


No not me, I'm far beyond the nesting stage...

But there are about a million birds that share our land with us... and they all seem to be nesting.

We see an amazing variety of birds here... everything from ordinary robins and magpies to chickadees, finches, orioles, meadowlarks, hummingbirds, mourning doves, pigeons (in droves!) and woodpeckers (please take them... please?) to red tail hawks and great horned owls (and many, many that I don't know the names of...).

We currently have at least four nests "sharing" our home... three on the front porch and one on the sun-room deck.

I can get up to a couple of the nests to take pictures... so, of course, I did. :)

Here are four finches, looking almost ready to fledge:

And our super tiny, newborn robins (after this picture was taken the other eggs hatched). Their mother is extremely protective of her babies and spending time on our front porch, or even just stepping foot on it, can be a noisy, unpredictable experience as she scolds and hops and swoops around trying to get us to leave.

I'll post more pictures of the babies as they grow... R and I both love watching them and check the nests almost daily.

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