Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

When my sister moved to the PNW I "inherited" a plant from her that had been my mom's... Mom was endlessly optimistic about having growing plants around, but not so great with keeping them alive.

She loved Boston ferns, and having one sitting on a plant stand in the living room. Thinking back now at the stream of Boston ferns she bought... and killed... I'm impressed with her optimism... I think she probably kept buying (and killing) those Boston ferns her entire life. That's true optimism. I can never see a Boston fern, especially one sitting primly on a plant stand, without thinking of Mom.

Anyway, the plant I inherited isn't a Boston fern, it's a philodendron, and Mom kept it alive for a long time... (philodendrons are good at staying alive in less than optimum conditions!)... as did my sister who has had it since Mom passed away almost 10 years ago. So the philodendron is mine now... It came with a sturdy, but faded, macrame plant hanger... but I thought it really deserved a nice little plant stand, so I've looking around for one.

This one showed up at Goodwill the other day...

... I believe it's cast aluminum (I should ask Joe) and I thought it might be a fun painting project. I going to paint it white with a dark wash or wax over the paint to bring out the detail on the top.

A few days later I found this sweet little birdbath and couldn't leave it behind... the hoards of birds out here need a nice place to bathe. How could I deprive them?

It's also cast metal but is heavy for it's size so it might be cast iron. I'm not sure though because I'm thinking it would be heavier than it is if it were iron... again, I should ask Joe.

I love the little hummingbird detail...

It will also get a refurbishment one of these days soon... There is a little rust showing through (maybe it is iron?!) so it needs a good cleaning and the protection of a good coat, or several good coats, of paint.

So those are my two recent "finds"... I do love metal things, especially vintage metal... and these should be quick, fun, fix-up projects.

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