Tuesday, June 18, 2013

busy days...

This past weekend was our town's annual town festival, complete with a parade, carnival rides, crafts and plenty of food.  R looks forward all year to this one weekend. She loves the rides... loves being upside down, spinned around, hanging on for dear life... the scarier the better for her.

This year the kids also got the opportunity to walk in the parade... The St Joseph Kaffee House community they belong to is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and they had a banner for the kids to carry and candy to hand out.

M started off helping with the banner, but very quickly decided he'd rather pass out candy.



After the parade the kids were starving so we found some lunch, then wandered through the festival...

...running into the Mona Lisa at one  point....

... and then rode the rides. R was a little disappointed that neither M nor S would ride the scary rides with her, and it turned out that her own stomach let her down too... getting upset after a particularly wild ride, leaving her too worried about getting sick to ride any more of the "really fun" ones. Those kinds of rides really are better on an empty stomach. ;)

They finished up the day on the tamer rides...

All in all it was a fun, if exhausting day...  and now R has a whole year to wait for the next town festival.

After a busy weekend, the rest of our week is also busy...R is working at VBS all this week and next, and tonight the whole family is getting together for Joe's birthday dinner. (Dinner in the park followed by a walk down Main St. for some ice cream... fun!)

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