Friday, June 14, 2013


for today...

June 14, 2013

Outside my window... the day is new and soft, the sun not up get from behind the hill to the east... there is a light layer of clouds drifting high across the sky and a darker layer of smoke settled low on the horizon.

I am thinking... that I don't have much time on the computer this morning, my neighbor will be dropping off her dog (for dog sitting) at 7:30

I am thankful for... the cool of the morning.

From the learning rooms... lots of life skills learning going on. M is learning to use the cash register at one of his worksites and has been checking people out regularly (with supervision) and R attended a training (on her own!) last night for the VBS school she'll be working at all next week.

From the kitchen... it's been too hot to get too excited about cooking, although last night's stir fry chicken and veggies was good. Honestly though. I would have been just as happy with ice cream for dinner.

I am wearing... capris and a tee shirt... my summer "uniform"

I am creating... music with the sweet little mandolin my brother gave me. After learning several new instruments the past few years I think I've found my favorite...

I am going...  to church later this morning for one of M's volunteer jobs, then down to town to the new music store. I stopped in yesterday for the first time and love the place! they are going to restring my mando.

I am reading... Chesapeake by James Mitchener

I am hearing... the birds squabbling over the bird feeder, crickets outside the kitchen window, the tick of the clock

Around the house... I'm in between projects, the trim work is done and I think my next little project will be painting the upstairs hallway and replacing the overhead light.

One of my favorite things... the quiet of the morning

A few plans for the rest of the week... busy end of the week, in addition to Father's Day (and Joe's birthday next week) we're taking care of the alpaca farm next door while our neighbors are on vacation, and watching E's (dd#1) pets while they are out of town, tomorrow is the long awaited Parker Days Festival (R literally waits all year for our one day at the festival!) and the kids have been invited with walk in the parade this year with the St Joseph Kaffee Haus community. LOTS of fun, but a super busy week.

A picture I'm sharing...

fledgling robin on the front porch railing

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