Wednesday, November 20, 2013


One of the members of our homeschool group recently offered a class on Postcrossing. It was a wonderful class and has gotten us started with a new hobby... sending and receiving postcards.

Postcrossing is an online exchange project that allows everyone to send and receive postcards from random places in the world. And it's all free (except for the cost of postage and postcards).

Here's a link to the Postcrossing site, where you can read exactly how it works... We joined about a month ago and have already received postcards from places like Sweden, Russia, Germany and even Malayasia... and have sent postcards everywhere from Finland to Germany to China. We are loving the fun of finding postcards in the mailbox, and some of the cards are just beautiful...

Like this one we just received from Sweden:

I decided to repurpose  a world map that used to hang in M's room... it's hanging in the classroom now and has become our "postcrossing map".

I'm using little color coded dot stickers to show the places we've sent to and received from (different colors for each, of course), and I'm using a third color to show where we live, and where the far away members of our family live (everywhere from Ireland, to CA to Ghana!).  The dot stickers look huge in this picture, but are really only about as big around as the end of a pencil eraser....

It's so much fun to receive the cards and read a little about the person who sent it... It's also fun to read the profiles people include about themselves on the postcrossing website, when we're getting ready to send them a postcard, and trying to pick a postcard that person might like. We picked up some super cool postcards on a tour of the Hammond Candy Factory we took last week... we'll be ready if someone asks for postcards of candy!.  (I didn't blog about that tour, but you can read about it here if you'd like. :) )

This has been a fun new hobby... and it certainly makes going to the mailbox more interesting!

Happy Postcrossing!!

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