Tuesday, June 4, 2013

slowing down... and a project recap

Life is finally slowing down...  After all the planning and work that went into M's graduation it feels so good to NOT have a major "event" on the horizon to plan for... and after all the house projects of the spring, it's good to take a break from big projects... at least for awhile.

 I don't think I've ever shared the house updates I worked on through the spring... Since I'm on the other side of those projects, I guess it's a good time to do a little show and tell. 

First a little back-story... When we bought our house 8 years ago, the owners were, shall we say, "motivated" to sell. They hadn't properly maintained it (it's a log home), it was not in good shape structurally because of that, and I think they just wanted out... quickly. Rather than spend the money to fix the real problems with the exterior of the house, they did a quick, cheap, but major spruce up of the inside of the house... probably hoping potential buyers would see the apparently well-maintained interior and think the whole house was in great shape. (Which we did.)  They had all the walls re-textured, replaced most of the interior doors with (poor quality) six panel doors, laid (themselves?) new carpet, and replaced most of the baseboards and door moldings. They must have gotten a great deal a few contractor packs of door moldings because they used door moldings everywhere... including as baseboards. And for some strange reason, some of the moldings around the doors were put up backwards.. with the thick part next to the door. They did this even when it meant chiseling out the wood to make room for the hinges and striker plate.

 It was very odd.

 And it drove me crazy. I hated the way it looked, and finally decided to do something about it.

 So, I've been going room by room removing all the baseboards and door moldings and replacing them. I've used regular baseboard molding from Home Depot and 1x4's for the door moldings. I didn't use a mitered joint and regular door moldings on the doors as I was matching the original wood moldings, what I think of as farmhouse moldings, that the house had when it was built. I did miter the baseboard joints...

 I ended up redoing 10 doors (including painting all the shiny brass doorknobs the previous owners put in with ORB paint), and I can't tell you how many feet of baseboard molding (5 rooms worth!), and I LOVE how it turned out.

 The new trim looks more "country" which suits the house... it just doesn't work to try to fancy-up an old log home.  The beauty is in the rustic look of the wood and stone of the house.

 This picture shows some of the original wide door moldings, with some of the newly replaced door moldings.


An extra benefit is I'm feeling pretty comfortable with the big compound miter saw after spending so much time together... and I discovered I love working with wood. I can see this is only the first of my wood projects... :)

 Here are some before and afters... Here is a bad "before" picture of the kitchen, you can see the brown molding around the pantry door... you probably can't tell that it was put on backwards.


 And here it is now, from the same angle... nice new farmhouse style moldings and new baseboards.


 Here's a better set of before and afters.





 It looks better in person (and might photograph better on a day when we have some sun!) but I like how much cleaner it looks, and how much better it matches the original moldings.

 Anyway, I'm glad the job is done... and I'm thrilled with the results! (As I look around the house for the next project.... ;) )

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