Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice

Happy First Day of Summer...

... it's the season of lemonade, watermelon, gardens, sunscreen, bugs, baseball games, movies in the park, sleek as silk horses, lazy evenings (and afternoons) enjoying the breeze across the front porch, salads, sunburns, deliciously cool mornings, sprinklers, snakes, horse bathing, long talks with neighbors up on the road, spotted fawns bleating for their mamas, brats on the grill, softball games, Murphy's long sloppy drinks from the hose, miller moths, picnics in the park, dust clouds kicked up behind the wheels of the car, hawk cries in the early morning, cottonwood "snow" drifting through the air, re-engagement of the purple thistle "war", and  huge full moons lighting up the pasture.

What does summer look like at your house?

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