Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summertime kitchen window (heritage canning jars)

I bought some of the new blue heritage canning  jars.  I have a few of the real vintage blue canning jars, and thought it would be fun to get some of the new "vintage" jars too.

Did you know you can approximate the age of the old Ball canning jars by the type of script they used on the "Ball" logo on each jar... cool huh? I dated my jars by using this site.

Here's a great visual I found for dating old jars:

Anyway I bought some of the new-old blue jars and hung them in my kitchen window. I saw the idea somewhere (Pinterest?) and thought it looked so pretty. I have a cutting in one of the jars from my mom's philodendron, in two of the jars I have roses from my Anniversary bouquet that have kind of dried (leave it to Colorado... these roses dried while sitting in water!), and then I have fresh flowers from the yard in the other jars  (one jar is empty). I'm hoping I have enough blooming throughout the summer to keep at least a couple of the jars filled with fresh flowers.

I like how they look... I love the sun shining through them during the day, and at night they also look pretty... the glass reflecting each tiny bit of light, like the moon-glow through the skylight,  in the dark room.

Anyway... here's my summer kitchen window (minus the MILLIONS of miller moths that go absolutely crazy there each morning!).

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