Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (shed construction #1)

Our thrifting project this time is a little different... It didn't come from a thrift store, and it's a lot bigger than most of my projects... but it is used and will definitely be getting the restore and update treatment, so I guess it's still thrifting.

It's a shed... A 10x10 shed with 2x4 construction, and it needs a LOT of work. We found it on Craigslist after looking for awhile for something we can use to store the snowplow tractor in. It's been living in the garage all these years but the garage is pretty much overstuffed (Joe has a "project" car in there right now that our son-in-law is sharing with him) and so the snowplow needs a new home.

We had to drive up about 40 miles north to pick it up, and it was broken down into pieces for transporting. Even broken down (floor, walls, roof) it was incredibly heavy to load. Each piece took at 5-6 of us to manage. I wish I had a picture of it all loaded up on the trailer, it was quite a sight!

Here a picture of it newly unloaded, with all the pieces laid out in the general area of where it's going to be... (For reference, it's just south of the pumpkin patch on the north side of the front pasture.)


Here's the floor...


And the roof propped up against the small pasture fence....


And here's the pile of all the miscellaneous pieces of wood for the shelving, roof, trim, etc.

Here's our first little bit of progress, the floor set in place and leveled and one wall (the back wall) moved into place and ready to raise.

We hope to get the walls up this weekend. I'll post pictures as the project moves along, We are planning on fixing up the siding and painting it to match the house and/or barn. We'll put a  red metal roof on it to match the house, and probably a window or two... I'm so excited about fixing it up, and may even add a little barn art to it once it's all done.

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