Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (shed construction #2)

We spent last weekend working on putting up the shed...

It was a loooooooong, hot weekend but things are moving along.

We started the weekend with the walls still sitting flat on the ground roughly where they would need to be when raised...

Joe made some braces, attached eye bolts to the top of the back wall and attached ropes to the eye bolts and then moved his truck into place and attached the ropes to the truck hitch.

Then came the scary part... slowing moving the truck forward to ease the wall into place.




It did not go as smoothly as planned (does anything?), but it eventually ended up where we wanted it. By the time it was up some neighbors had stopped by and with their help two more walls went up quickly...



(That would be one neighbor helping, and one neighbor riding the pasture gate bull ride that M was providing... which was tons of fun until the posts holding up the gate started leaning... oops!)

The fourth wall, the door wall, needed some work so we stopped there while Joe made some repairs. One week later and we raised the fourth wall...  The shed is actually starting to look like something!

(The siding came off part of this side as Joe made the repairs, and he decided to wait until it was raised to put it back on.)

The next step will be deciding what kind of roof to put on it. It originally had just a simple pitched roof... but we are thinking about changing it to a gambrel roof to match the barn, or possibly a hip roof which should hold up well to the wind, and give the shed more of a cottage-y look. The final decision will probably depend on price and difficulty of construction...

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