Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Early morning visitors...

Walking out to the barn the other morning I was treated to a glimpse of some early morning (mule deer) fawn playtime.

It's not unusual to see deer here, we've seen up to 30 or so at a time in our front pasture... eating everything in sight, of course... but we have a special fondness for the fawns. They are born each year in early June, often one or two will be born in our back pasture... We love watching them grow and have a few fawn rescues under our belts (pulling them out of fences mostly). I never get tired of watching the deer, of seeing the interaction between the various animals (there seems to be a definite pecking order) and watching the does care for their babies.

So anyway, as I walked to the barn to feed the other morning I saw several does and their fawns around the dry lake part of the back pasture. As I watched the fawns left their mothers to play... bounding up and down the hills, leaping and twisting as they jumped, nudging each other with their noses (an invitation to play?) and sometimes stopping by their mother's side to try to nurse a bit before playing again. The does allow only very brief nursing sessions, a few seconds only at times, before they step away (over the head of their baby!) letting them know they are finished.

I tried to get pictures of the fawns jumping and playing... but alas... neither my camera nor my photography skills were up to the task. I just couldn't get close enough without interrupting their play...

Here are a few I took though, just for fun...



As you can see there were fawns everywhere! This photos are not just the same two fawns in different places...  there were 6-7 fawns out playing together. :)



What a treat to get to see them playing... I could stand and watch them for hours.

And when they look this cute it's hard not to forgive them for eating all my pansies the other night. So I guess I'll have to forgive them... again.

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