Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (porch rocker)

I've always liked the look of a traditional wood rocker on the porch or deck, but haven't been willing to pay the money for a new one.  I'd been watching for one to show up at the thrift store but hadn't had any luck, until finally late last spring... when there was still snow on the ground here and COLD... I finally found one at the thrift store, for a good price.

It was covered with dirt, spider webs and even mouse droppings... it looked like it came right out of someone's barn... but I thought it had potential, and the price was right, so I bought it.

I was in the middle of replacing the moldings and baseboards at the time and didn't have a minute to play with it, so I just gave it a quick cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap and parked it out on the deck.  The rocker was functional, good and sturdy, but not much to look at... the wood was soooo dried out that it looked almost gray, and you could barely see any grain in the wood at all.

So the other day, while I was painting the deck railings with wood preservative, I decided to give the rocker a little attention too.

I forgot (of course, I always do...) to take a "before" picture, but in the next couple of pictures you can see the difference in the wood before and after I used the wood preservative.

Rocker half done:


Back is done here but not the seat...


Now the seat is done too, what a difference!

Here's the wood preservative I use on all our outside wood... I've been really happy with how it makes the wood absolutely glow while at the same time protecting it from all our sun and harsh weather.



Here's the finished product...I'm so happy with how it turned out! The wood (I think it's teak) just gleams and it looks like a new chair.

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