Friday, August 9, 2013




August 9, 2013

Outside my window... the sun is up, it's a cool morning with everything still smelling fresh and clean from last night's rain.

I am thinking... about M's birthday in a couple of weeks... feeling happy it's all planned and purchased for.

I am thankful... to feel well. After getting a super nasty virus over last weekend, it's taken me most of the week to feel like myself again!

In the kitchen...I've got navy beans soaking for soup tonight. I'll have to stop and buy a ham hock at the store later to add to it... I do love soup.

I am creating... it doesn't feel like much of anything... although I did find a new tune on the mando I like and have been trying to learn.

I am going... to town later to drop of M's blood work. I need to draw his blood today (I'm a few days late) and get it dropped at the hospital, I've also got a package to mail to K in Ghana so I'll be swinging by the post office too.

I am wondering... if the hay guy is going to show up, if it's good hay, if he can back his semi trailer into the barn without running into something. Sigh... I'll be happy when the hay search is over for the year!

I am reading... So Much For That by Lionel Schriver. K (dd#3) wanted me to read it because she is curious what I think of it. So far (100 pages in) I'm lukewarm about it in general... and parts I'm having a hard time with. It is an interesting read though..

I am hoping... the hay guy shows up (do you notice a theme here?)

I am learning.... a new tune on the Mandolin, Off She Goes

A few plans for the rest of the week(end)... quiet day Saturday, maybe barn sit for the alpacas next door if their humans decide to go out of town, then pick up S for the big Special Olympics party on Sunday, I can't wait, it should be a lot of fun.

A peek into my day...a few barn pictures from early this morning

swirling dust (from dirty low quality hay)

and me in the doorway...

I liked the difference between the dark shadowy areas and the bright, early morning sunlight on the wood pallets


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