Friday, August 2, 2013

Farm girl hours, blogging, new babies, nasty viruses, and other seemingly unrelated things

During the week I keep "farm girl" hours... I go to bed early and get up around 5:00, when Joe gets up to get ready for work. I get his coffee made and breakfast started, then I get out of the way while he makes his lunch and gets ready to leave. I need to be out to the barn by around 6:30, so I can get my breakfast etc. before the kids (mainly M) get up and I'm "on duty" again. That early morning time, between getting up with Joe up and heading to the barn to feed is my blogging time...  The rest of the day is usually filled with outside and inside work, keeping M settled and out of trouble, working on schoolwork and/or worksites with the kids, and the multitude of other little jobs that make up my day... But the very early morning is mine (mine, all mine, you hear... insert evil cackle here).

But yesterday followed a little different schedule... I was up at 5:00, and E (dd#1) called at 5:15 from the ER. (!!) There is NOTHING like an early morning call from an ER, from one of my children, to get my blood pumping! She had been fighting a nasty stomach virus that had been running rampant through her family and it finally got the best of her and she, her dh, and all four kids were at the ER. I quickly jumped into the car to meet our SIL at their house and take  the kids so he could stay with E at the hospital. I was on pins and needles until I heard back later in the morning that all was well... because of an sweet little complication: E is expecting again. It's early in the pregnancy, and I just so wanted everything to be alright with the pregnancy... and it is! :)

So, I got home around 8:30, quickly did the barn work (poor, spoiled, Murphy and Tucker were sure they were starving!), grabbed a little breakfast (the two cookies I ate at E's just didn't count as a meal...) and by then M was up and I sadly said good-bye to my shower for the day. :(

They didn't keep E at the hospital, she's home and (hopefully) sleeping in right now... I stayed with the grandkids yesterday afternoon and had so much fun with them. They are such amazing little (and not so little) people...

So... all is well here, but I did miss blogging yesterday morning. I've been working to keep a pretty good blogging schedule... in part for certain people (who know who they are) who like to read my blog and keep up with us this way, but also for myself... to have a record of our days. (I've been blogging off and on since shortly after we moved here in 2005!)

Oh well... the sun is up, the grass needs to be cut, and M is still sleeping... so I need to get moving and make hay (or grass clippings) while the sun shines!

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