Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Plains Conservation Center... then and now

We live on the high plains of Colorado, it's a unique area with our relatively high elevation (about 6,300') and mix of plains and foothills weather and environment. We are fortunate to have the Plains Conservation Center a short drive away... It's a place dedicated to educating about and preserving the plains environment.

When you visit the PCC you can go " back in time to Colorado’s high plains and pioneer life in the mid-1800’s. The Plains Conservation Center is a true-to-life homestead stretching across 8,894 acres of dedicated open space. Historic ranch houses, a schoolhouse, blacksmith shop and barn plus an heirloom garden and chicken coop and a Cheyenne camp with tipis bring the experience to life. The Learning Center and library are open to schools and groups." (Taken from their website, I got lazy...)

Anyway, we love the PCC and have visited there many times over the years, sometimes to take a class and sometimes just to visit the homestead.

S has been asking to go to the PCC for a long time now. We took her there a couple of times when she was little, but haven't taken her in years... so when she visited this past weekend a trip to PCC was on the agenda. We went early on Saturday morning, took a wagon ride out to the homestead and learned about the homestead and helped with their morning chores.

I took pictures and as I did I remembered the pictures I'd taken years ago when we'd taken S there.

Just for fun I thought I'd post a few then and now photos...

Here's R and S then (in March of 2005) and M photo-bombing the picture ... :)


And R and S now (and M managed to stay out of the picture!)


All three kids back in 2005...

Aren't they the cutest things ever??  S would have been 10, R was 8, and M was 12. (I love R's purse hanging from her arm... I wonder what was in it?)


And a bad picture of all three now, on the wagon heading to the homestead.  It looks like two surly children on either side of sunny S... :) I think R just wasn't ready for the picture, and M had been sick (gastroparesis flare up) the night before and was tired and cranky at being woken up to go to PCC.


I love this picture... S was so happy just riding in the wagon, the wind blowing around us... I love seeing her this happy.


We had a great time at the PCC... It was like visiting an old friend we hadn't seen for awhile. All the kids want to go back for their "Harvest at the Homestead Festival" next month... and it does sound like a lot of fun, we'll have to try and make it out for that...

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