Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

No big exciting thrift store purchases to share with you this time.

But sometimes it's the little things that count-


up to 60. ;)

I found this awesome little timer at the thrift store yesterday.

Yes, I already have a very nice kitchen timer, it lives right here on the frig. easy to see and easy to use.

Except sometimes it's not what we need. We are working hard on life-skills in our homeschool and preparing food is an extremely valuable life skill... if you ever want to have any independence, which both M and R really want (well mostly R really wants, I think M would be happy to let me take care of him for all eternity... but he says he wants it). Anyway, part of their "education" involves being responsible for preparing their own breakfasts and lunches. Breakfast might be toast and a fried egg, using my heavy cast iron skillet and the gas stove (I stick pretty close when they are using the stove) or it might be as simple as a bowl of cereal (pouring milk can still be a challenge for M). But I bought this great little timer mostly for lunches...

What's so great about it is it has two sides... one side is just a regular timer for times up through 59 minutes, and one side is able to keep track of short cooking times. M and R frequently have pasta for lunch, sometimes cup-a-noodles, or ramen noodles... and they have to be able to accurately keep track of very short (2-3 minute) times. My regular timer isn't really made for these short times and isn't very accurate when they set it for less than 5 minutes. But they can set this dual timer for shorter periods of time, even halves of minutes.

I think it will also come in handy when they are trying to figure out microwave directions. So often the directions will say to cook something for 2-3 minutes, for example, and that can be confusing to them... do you cook for 2 minutes or 3? So I've taught them to cook it for the amount of time in the middle... 2 1/2 minutes. But figuring out the time "in the middle" is also tough sometimes. This timer clearly shows the 30 second intervals that they need to see. We've tested it and the timer seems pretty accurate for those very short times. So now the kids can accurately time their noodles by themselves. Which is the whole point of life-skills right? To teach myself out of a job? ;)

Oh, and it was only $2. :)

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