Wednesday, August 14, 2013

you know you're living in the country when...

You are visiting a friend's farm and her large animal vet shows up to geld one of your friend's animals, and she's brought her two small children with her.

While the kids play... feeding grass to the chickens, running around the pasture, swinging on the hammock... the vet carefully gelds the animal and expertly stitches him up. Just as she finishes, rubber gloves still bloody from the gelding, her youngest child starts screaming and crying... he has fallen off the hammock and cut his head open.

The vet strips off the gloves, takes the child to her car and cleans and takes a good look at the 1" gash on his head. It's bleeding like crazy... She calmly pulls on a new pair of rubber gloves and another suturing kit and proceeds to stitch the child's head up while standing in the driveway next to the car.

After closing the cut and stripping off her gloves, she heads back to the barn to check on her recently gelding patient and to move on to the ultrasound the next animal needs.

The child keeps away from the hammock but otherwise seems fine... playing and laughing while his mother finishes her work.

It was a pretty exciting vet visit (and no it wasn't at my house, but it truly happened just this way... ), one my friend won't soon forget!

Compared to this vet visit, our vet's visits aren't exciting at all. I would say our most exciting farm visit was the first time Murphy had his teeth floated. In my inexperience I made the BIG mistake of letting our farrier do it... it was a wild time. Luckily we all lived through it.

Anybody else have any interesting vet experiences to share?

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