Friday, September 20, 2013

Dr Watson, I do believe you've got it!

Doesn't Sherlock Holmes say something like that when he's figured out a mystery that has everyone at Scotland Yard scratching their heads in befundlement? (I can't believe the spellchecker didn't red underline befundlement... I didn't even think it was a real word! I guess it is...)

Anyway... I've been unable to access this blog for days. It would look as though it recognized me as "owner" of the blog (showing me options for editing posts, etc.) but each time I'd try to actually DO anything it would give me an error message.

So I searched for fixes online... I ran my Norton... I defragmented... I asked my daughter to help and she had no problem accessing my blog from her computer... even being able to post. (Thank you B for your help!) I started another blog, wondering if it was the site... or me. The other blog worked fine. I started thinking it was time to look into a new computer, as everything I was reading was that my computer must have corrupted files and would soon be toast.

Yes... it's been a frustrating week.

And then I decided to try another browser... I've gotten used to Google Chrome and really liked it, but I wondered if the corrupted files (or whatever was going on) was in my browser. So I set my old browser as my default and...

...wonder of wonders... here I am. No miserable error messages blocking me out. Yay!

On the agenda for today? (Now that I'm no longer spending countless hours trying to fix this computer...) Start painting the "barn art" on the side of the shed. I taped off the general shape on the shed and drew the design on (in pencil) the other day... and a quick run to Home Depot last night got me the paint I needed.

As soon as it warms up enough to paint, I'll be out there...

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