Tuesday, September 24, 2013

easy rolodex upcycle

Several months ago, Joe brought home a bunch of Rolodex cards that they no longer used at his work. He'd found them in a drawer somewhere, and probably should have just thrown them out... but he thought maybe I could use them. (This picture show about half of what he brought home!)

I'm not one to throw out something that could be useful either, and used a few of the card in my desktop organizer which I'd picked up at Goodwill, painted and distressed a few months earlier.

But there were still HUNDREDS of Rolodex cards left... way more cards than I would ever have friends! ;)

Then one day when I was hunting around for a piece of scrap paper for a phone number or something, I realized I should just start using those Rolodex cards as scrap paper. It was a perfect way to use them up. But I didn't want a pile of old Rolodex cards sitting on my kitchen counter for the next five years... so I started thinking about how to corral them; keep them handy to use, but not taking up a lot of space or getting scattered all over the place.

This is what I came up with...

I'm so happy with how it turned out I thought I'd share. :)

First, I bought this old Rolodex holder at the thrift store for .99 (pretend it's in one piece, I forgot to take a picture before we "disassembled" it. I only wanted the round part in the middle that holds the cards but couldn't figure out a way to take it apart (it seemed to be glued), so Joe just broke the outside apart so I could get to the round card holding part.

Once I had the part I wanted I had to think of a way to hang it up. I'd already decided I wanted it hanging on the side of the frig. where it would be mostly out of sight,  but still handy for grabbing a piece of scrap paper. After going through Joe's
junk hardware drawers for inspiration, I found a few of these:

... which I thought would be perfect on the ends of the round card holder. I needed something there that would hold whatever cording I used to hang it with. Unfortunately my newly found spiggot handle end pieces wouldn't attach to the metal piece that was running through the round card holder. A quick trip to Home Depot fixed that with a double threaded bolt that was the correct diameter to thread in the ends of my spiggot handle ends.

It was quick work to thread the bolt through the round plastic holder, then screw a spiggot handle to each end, and tie a piece of jute as a hanger. (A strong magnet holds it to the frig.)

I finished off my little project off with some labels E got me...  ;)

I'm very happy with how it turned out, and happy to have found a use for those cards...(we use them all the time now that they are handy!)

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