Thursday, September 5, 2013

feast or famine

Rain is often a feast or famine kind of thing in Colorado... As in little/no rain for weeks (our average yearly precipitation is only 15" and only about 6" of that, on average, fall as rain during the summer months) as you watch everything grow dry and shrivel and the dark thunder clouds tease along the edges of the horizon, but never seem to result in anything more than a humid day... mixed with great gully washer storms that seem intent on scrubbing the entire earth clean (in 20 minutes or less!).

We ended up with a feast of rain yesterday though... a great gully washer poured down on us right before dinner. It wasn't as good as this storm (but then, that was kind of a storm of the decade...), but was still a good one with plenty of thunder, lightning, sheets of rain blowing sideways, and even a little hail thrown in to keep my monster of a pumpkin patch humble.

The electricity went out and we ate our dinner by candlelight while the kids talked about how much better candles are than electric lights, and poor Cody panted and quivered in his crate... despite his "thunder shirt"... and when we looked outside to check on Murphy and Tucker, the barn looked as though it were in danger of becoming an island in a very muddy sea.

When it was over... the pasture well watered, the electricity back on before bedtime (because certain unnamed people could "NEVER" sleep without a nightlight... )... we all went outside and saw that... wonder of wonders... the storm had partially refilled our little pond. The pond that last year's monster storm had created, and we had loved for almost an entire year before it dried up a few months ago. Another good rain or two and we'll have our pond back...

Here's how our little pond looked last winter:

And in the early spring:

And late in the spring, even as it was starting to dry up, a pair of mallards made it their home...

We all enjoyed that pond so much... I hope it rains enough this fall to fill it again.

The rain stopped before bedtime, and everyone slept soundly in the freshly washed coolness of the night.

And it's good that it stopped because for me, today, it's back to fencing....feast

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