Friday, September 27, 2013

It's finally here...

... and it was love at first

My new mandolin...


It was a bit of a splurge... but totally worth it. It has a lovely tone, soft and mellow, and is a joy to play. I did my research before I bought and this seemed to be the best mandolin for the money. The music store in town ordered it in for me (and price matched the price the online stores, like amazon and mandolin hut, were asking) and I was a little nervous... ordering it without having had the chance to play one... but it's all that I was hoping for, and more, and the guy who owns the music store was so impressed with it that he's going to order another for his store. :)

So, if I'm slow to answer emails, and letting the phone go to voice mail, you'll know why... I'm happily curled up someplace with my new toy, playing my favorite tunes. ;)

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