Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (shed "foundation")

The shed is nearly complete, and I've been feeling pretty good about how it's turned out... the nice fresh paint, the cheery red metal roof... but then my neighbor came over the other day (the neighbor we share chickens with, she was bringing eggs) and kind of popped my job-well-done bubble. She started off by referring to the shed as our "Taj Mahal" (Hmm... have we gone a little overboard?? ) and then confessed it scared her... she's afraid to walk past it.


Yes, I was seriously confused by this. The shed looks entirely non-threatening to me... it's just a 10x10 building sitting on the edge of the driveway.

As my neighbor kept talking it came out that the openness underneath the shed was scaring her... she was sure something was going to make a home under the shed (a huge bull snake, or maybe a skunk?) and this loathsome creature would lay in wait for her (think dragon in a cave) coming out to ambush... or at least frighten... her as she walked by.


Hmm... this seemed a bit unlikely to me, but maybe I was missing the danger and we'd really built a hulking threat in the front pasture. And it was true that I wasn't crazy about the way the shed seemed to "float" on it's foundation stones (because the ground is uneven, leveling it left a good sized gap underneath on two sides), and I had thought I'd do something, someday, to "pretty" that up.  After hearing my neighbor's fears I decided to move "someday" to "today" since my shed had apparently become somewhat of a threat to public safety. ;)

I decided to fix the problem by building a "faux" foundation out of large cobblestones. We ran down to the sand and gravel place and for $50. got over 2 tons of large cobblestones (choosing cobblestones because it would match the stones the kids and I had already edged the bottom of the driveway with).


We unloaded the stone out by the shed, and I played around a little with them on Sunday, laying them out to see how to make it look the way I wanted it to. Monday morning I got serious and little by little arranged the rock to close the gap under the shed and form a faux foundation of stone.

It wasn't hard to do (if you don't mind hauling rocks) I  mostly just piled them up in kind of a triangular shape... wider at the bottom for stability, using the biggest stones there, and saving the smaller stones for on top and filling in the smaller spaces. My goal was not to make a perfectly solid wall around the bottom of the shed, I had the wrong stones for that kind of thing... just have it mostly closed off. (Enough to reassure my neighbor and look nice at the same time!) The gap under the shed was large in places, but it filled in pretty well... and now there are just a few small spaces left for creatures to get in and possibly make their homes. (The only spot still open is in the front on either side of the ramp Joe is building, I can't finish that side up until he's done....)

My neighbor hasn't been over since I finished the "foundation"... I hope she will feel better about walking past our shed now. ;)


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