Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a quiet week...

After feeling like we've been bustling around most of October (and September too!), we are having a quiet week this week. Only one appointment (tomorrow evening) and M's regular worksite tomorrow afternoon are on the calendar.

It feels wonderful to look at the calendar and see several empty days in a row...

So the kids and I took some time Monday to do some major stock up grocery shopping. I always grocery shop a month at a time, trying to only go to the store in between trips for milk, bread and produce. And I like to keep the pantry in the mudroom stocked with the basics... Over this past summer I let the pantry empty out a bit, but with winter almost here it seemed like time to restock. I learned the second winter we lived here... the winter of blizzard after blizzard from December through February... that it's best to head into winter with a barn full of hay, a good stack of firewood outside the door, and a well stocked pantry. We get snowed in at least a few times every winter... usually just for a day or two... but it's miserable being snowed when the pantry is bare, or close.

Here's our mudroom pantry...


And with the doors open...Yes, it looks like a crazy amount of food but much of it will last through the winter. (Fitting it all in is kind of like a real life tetris game!) I generally stock up BIG like this only a couple of times a year.

Anyway, back to our quiet week... I painted the shed floor yesterday and with that little job done the inside is almost finished. It feels very good to have all the shed construction behind us!

We've been getting plenty of school done, which is also nice... Although I'm not at all happy about the direction M's coursera class has taken. It's a class on Comic Books and Graphic Novels, and so far the lectures have been pretty good. There has been a lot about the history of comic books and about various writers and illustrators, which M loves... he eats up trivia and there has been plenty of trivia. But yesterday's lecture involved the professor dropping several F-bombs and showing and reading pages from a sexually explicit comic book. As soon as I saw what was going on I had M stop the lecture... I guess I should have previewed each lecture, but I thought it would be ok...  Hmm... what to do? I hate for him to drop the class, but I think we have no choice.

I'll close this not-much-of-anything post with a picture R took with her new camera the other day.

It's me... doing what I most enjoy doing when I have a bit of free time. (Note to Loren: I just bought another Allan Alexander book, this one is his Celtic Music one, do you have it? I'm loving it because it has so many O'Carolan tunes in it!)

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