Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a special night... and a homecoming queen

Friday night was M and R's homecoming dance. It wasn't through our homeschool group, it was sponsored by the RCC club they belong to, with lots of help from the United Methodist Church in town. The RCC dances aren't huge (there were just over a hundred at the homecoming dance) but they are so much fun! They always have a great DJ, and Doug, R's ukulele teacher does the lights. There is plenty of food but the kids are often too busy dancing to eat much.

I let R buy a new dress for each "big" dance and this year she picked a blue (teal) dress in honor of her friend who recently passed away.

M with the corsage he bought for his date... (He got a new tie, like the plaid?)


And the two of them together... (they met their dates at the dance)

R dancing with her date. They've been a "couple" (in a loose sort of way) for a couple of years now, and love going to the movies and dances together. They've known each other (through our homeschool group) for probably 10 years, since they were just little kids...

These two LOVE to dance...


R and her ukulele teacher, dancing "gangum style".

About midway through the dance they announced the nominees for homecoming King and Queen... and R was nominated!

I love this picture... it's the moment she realized she had won.


She was an absolutely beautiful homecoming queen....



Unfortunately, M was a bit lost at the dance. His long time girlfriend moved to Utah a couple of years ago and he did ask another girl to the dance, but still just seemed lost without the girl who is so special to him.

They stayed and danced 'til the end and then, once we got home, had to tell Joe each and every detail before they could sleep. It was a LATE night for us... but what good memories they'll have.

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