Wednesday, October 2, 2013

... in which I try to come up with a reasonable explanation/excuse for suddenly...

...deciding to start sanding while talking to my sister on the phone.

(At least I didn't start up my little "mouse" power sander... that would have been worse!)

So, here's what happened... Yesterday, while having a lovely visit on the phone with my sister, I noticed a couple of rough spots in a little project I was working on and, without thinking, grabbed the sanding block to smooth them off. I was happily getting a little carried away sanding, talking to my sister, enjoying myself and not thinking a thing about it when she asked "What is that noise, are you sanding something?" And that's when I realized that sanding while talking on the phone might not be the best idea. Oops. I'd seen the rough spots and without thinking (yes, I am an impulsive person) grabbed the sanding block and got to work. Who would have known it would be so loud?!

I guess she should be happy I didn't notice dirt on the carpet and the vacuum nearby...

Anyway... I thought I'd share the little project I was working on so she could see what I was doing.

I was sanding on this little wooden tray I found at the thrift store last week... I paid $1. for it.



I thought it would look really great painted and distressed.. Kind of like this one that Joss & Main carried last year...


... only with the colors reversed. I wanted the top coat to be white with a darker color underneath to show through, so first I painted it with some old gray/green paint I had leftover from a past project. (Well, really I first gave it a light sanding all over so the paint would stick better... I almost forgot that part!)

The color in this photo isn't true... it's really darker and has more gray in it...

...not that it really matters, because as soon as that paint dried I painted over it. ;)

For the top coat, I used a little sample pot of linen white paint I bought for another project and dry brushed it on. I wanted the dark of the undercoat to show through here and there.

Finally I sanded off the edges and gave it some "wear" marks, and finished it up with a half dozen coats of clear coat.

This is my favorite clear coat... It goes on beautifully, dries quickly, and seems to hold up really well. (I used it on the tables in my family room, and they get LOTS of use!)

Here's the finished product... I decided it would make a nice little tea station on the kitchen counter... a place to keep all my extremely important tea making necessities convenient and contained.



So dearest older sister, that's what I was working on... those rough spots called to me and I just couldn't resist. I'm sorry I sanded in your ear, next time I'll try to restrain myself from any sudden fits of sanding while on the phone. ;)

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