Tuesday, October 8, 2013

my prodigious pumpkin painting post

(Say that three times fast!)

With the major outside work pretty much done for the year, and the gardens finished off by the first freeze I've been kind of at loose ends the past few days. It's been too beautiful and warm to stay in the house... but there is no sense starting any outside projects with snow just around the corner. (And there is only so much time I can sit on the porch playing the mandolin!) So I've been doing what I always do when I'm bored, or stressed, or angry, or happy, or... just any time.

I've been painting.

And seeing as how it's October, and I have an over abundance of pumpkins, I've been painting pumpkins.

The first pumpkin painting I did was to turn an plain glass pumpkin I've had for years into a mercury glass looking pumpkin. It took a trip to Hobby Lobby for some Looking Glass spray paint, but once I had the paint it was easy. I painted the outside of the pumpkin and it's lid (turning the pumpkin base upside down for the first coat, then right side up to make sure I got both the base and the lip around the top).


I gave it several light coats with the Looking Glass paint (it runs really easily, light coats are a must!) and then filled a squirt bottle with 1/2 cider vinegar and 1/2 water and spritzed it the paint and blotted where I'd spritzed. The vinegar/water combination gave it spots and "aged" it. It was very cool to see the effect...


I'm happy with my old glass pumpkin's make-over...

This past weekend, with my front porch totally taken over by the huge crop of pumpkins from my pumpkin patch, many of which are still green(ish) (short growing season), I decided to do what I did with the green pumpkins last year and spray painted a few of them white. This was literally a 5 minute job... It took longer to shake the spray paint than it did to paint the pumpkins! I taped off the stems, and then coated them lightly with paint until I could no longer see the green showing through. A couple of hours drying in the sun, and here they are... lined up with their orange friends on the window sill!


I still had some time on my hands, and while digging through the spray paint to find the white paint, I'd noticed a can of black chalkboard paint I'd forgotten we'd had...

Joe looked at me like I'd lost my mind when I came out carrying yet another pumpkin and the chalkboard spray paint.



I ended painting two of them black...one for me and one for E. I set mine on the front porch...  :)

We gave away a lot of pumpkins over the weekend, but I've still got some left... I'm taking one or two to a friend today, and hope most of my pumpkin crop finds homes by the end of the week. (If you're local, come pick a pumpkin! :)

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