Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OMGoodness (gorgeous sunrise) and an update from yesterday

I don't take a lot of sunrise and sunset pictures anymore.  When we first moved here I did... after decades of only seeing glimpses of the sunrise and sunset peaking through the rows of roof tops that surrounded us in the city, it was AMAZING to see the sun rising majestically over the horizon, glowing in it's intensity... or watch it slowly sinking behind the mountains in the evening, the colors starting as brilliant oranges, blues and purples, then fading softly to lightly tinted gray as the sun finally dipped behind the tallest peaks. I love watching sunrises and sunsets... I would love to document them the way Debbie Wagner does, painting each sunrise....If I was an artist like my brother, I might try. But somewhere along the line I'd stopped taking constant pictures of the sky... I guess I'd started taking those beautiful sunrises for granted. :(

Yesterday morning was different though... I could see the glow of the sunrise right through the closed bathroom blinds... and couldn't help but grab the camera and head outside.

What an incredible sunrise... The whole horizon glowed red to orange to yellow... the colors so brilliant they didn't seem real. It backlit the trees creating dark silhouettes  to contrast with the riot of color behind them.


What a gift to be able to look out my backdoor and see this:



How could I ever take this for granted?!

It was a beautiful start to a good day. M had his steroid injection yesterday and he was so scared. He remembered when he'd had to have the  MRI with contrast of his hip and they had to inject dye into the joint. He was afraid it was going to be the same... (That had been a very painful experience!) Thankfully the steroid injection went well and wasn't painful, the doc who did it did a great job and had the hip completely numb before entering the joint. Afterwards, while the joint was still numb, M was was the first time in years that his hip didn't hurt! The marcaine had worn off by bedtime and it was sore again... but hopefully the steroid will help it not be as painful as it has been lately. We celebrated the procedure being over and a pain-free hip with ice cream and a trip to the thrift store. (Of course, it's one of M's favorite things to do!)


This is my favorite of yesterday's sunrise pictures. This is a portion of the original property fencing that's still standing... the old lodgepole pine fence post, the fencing, sagging from the weight of many years... and the brand new sunrise lighting up the sky behind.

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