Friday, October 4, 2013

so long summer... and a couple of quirky pumpkins

The days are getting shorter and I woke up this morning to the sound of wind-driven freezing rain (or maybe snow) hitting the window. It's cold outside, and we'll probably get our first snow today...

With an eye on the weather forecast I spent much of yesterday (before the weather turned) finishing up what I could of the outside work I'd hoped to get done this summer, and just getting things set to rights before winter.

Summers are busy times for me, there are always outside projects and maintenance (in addition to cutting the grass, tending the gardens etc.) that are best done while the weather is warm. I usually have a big outside project or two each summer as well, just to keep the fix-up work on the house moving forward.

Here's my 2013 "summer work" list... some things got done, some will hold over until next summer... a few I can still get done.

Treat all exterior wood with wood preservative(in addition to our deck railing, we have heavy timbers around the doors and front windows)

Order the year's hay, stack and cover

Have summer manure pile hauled away

Clean out remains of gardens after first freeze (This is half done, the kitchen garden is all cleaned out,but the pumpkin patch is still a mess.)

Finish shed exterior (This is mostly done... I still need to add wood to the doors, but that will probably have to wait until spring.)

Clean up wood, extra materials, etc. from shed project(Joe is still working on the shelving inside the shed and he leaves quite a mess of bits and pieces of wood everywhere. It's all cleaned up now!)

Harvest pumpkins

Finish stone border next to driveway(this was a job I started during summer of 2012 but didn't quite get finished)

Fix fencing

Have Murphy and Tucker's hooves trimmed one last time before winter

Dig up or cut off and dispose of all purple thistles

I'll have to call the farrier to come out and trim hooves before it gets really cold (I hate standing in the barn freezing while the farrier trims and chats, and chats and trims.. ;) ) I should have had the guy who hauls manure out already, but I was waiting for the pile to dry out (manure is heavy when it's wet) and I guess I waited too long... because now we're looking at snow.

Here are a few jobs I'd hoped to get done this summer, but didn't... (that shed took a LOT of time!) Maybe next year...

*Sand back porch floor... re-stain (this might be good to do in early spring, or even during a late winter warm spell when I don't have to worry about the dust, etc. coating the strawberries and other plants growing right off the porch)

*Put up new, nicer fence around pumpkin patch (we may start that this fall.. the timing is important on this project, it can only be done when nothing is growing so the deer don't eat my harvest while the fence is down!)

*Have a load of gravel delivered and spread on driveway

Well, that's it for the summer list(s). So long summer... it's been nice.

We had a really good pumpkin harvest this year... between 25-30 pumpkins from my little pumpkin patch.

These two were so cool I didn't have the heart to leave them to the deer, or cut them apart to get them out... so I cut the fence around them. (Knowing this was part of the fencing that needs to be replaced anyway!)

They are easy to carry that way. :)

This one looked like it was trying to escape the pumpkin patch by squeezing through the fence!!

Happy Fall!

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