Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (a child's rocker)

This is a project I did a little while ago, but just realized I'd never blogged about... so, since nothing new is in the works I thought I'd blog about the chunky little rocker I picked up at a thrift store for $4.99.

I'm not sure why I was drawn to it, it's not like I needed a child sized rocker for anything... but I really liked the solidness of it's construction. It's proportions are off, if you think about it... for it's size it's construction shouldn't be so "heavy"... but I liked it... I liked it's square, no-nonsense, last forever lines... and the price was right... so I bought it.


It was DIRTY... as in the wood had never been stained or sealed and had just gotten grimier over the years. The rush was usable, but had red Kool-Aid stains and purple marker lines and also needed work.

The first thing I did was to sand the dirt off. It wasn't a hard job, I used my little mouse sander and before long the dirt was gone... replaced with clean, but raw, wood.

At that point I decided to stain it. I like to paint furniture, but only if the wood isn't good enough to salvage... and this wood looked good. So I stained it (the rush is taped off to keep the stain off it, at that point I wasn't sure if I was going to redo the seat, so I didn't want to accidentally get stain on it.


It looked good stained... much better than it had looked coated with grime... but it was kind of boring. Kind of too-much-tan-matches-the-log-walls boring.

So... back out to my
backporchworkshop it went...  I decided to paint it my favorite barn red paint (it is literally the same paint that's on my barn... should be durable!), then I distressed it a little bit and gave it a coat of dark wax. And as long as I was at it, I replaced the seat at the same time. The old rush seat was kind of nasty (you should have seen the cheerios and other stuff that came out of the seat when I took it apart!) and needed replacing, and I had enough rush leftover from the last seat I'd done to do this little rocker.

Ah... much better. For some reason this house calls out for red, nice happy barn red... I think it must be that the log walls, so much wood, need something bright to catch the eye.

So...that's my little $4.99 rocker... it was a fun project and went pretty quickly (and with the new rush seat and heavy construction it doubles nicely as a step stool... I use it all the time to reach up high to clean! ;) )

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