Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (game table)

We play a lot of games at my house. Playing board games and card games is very organizing to M mentally, and can help him pull back together when he's having a rough day... and they also help us structure our time. M can really struggle, especially in the evenings, with unstructured time. He can't just sit and wait while Joe and I talk, for example... so I've learned to structure the evening time and playing a game is the easier (and most fun) way to do it.

So when "our" thrift store got in two of these game tables a couple of months ago, it didn't take long for me to decide to buy one. It's small enough to fit in the living room with just a little rearranging (unlike some of the giant poker tables M has drooled over for years!) and I really liked how it looked. It's also good wood and well made... They told me at the thrift store that the two tables had come from a country club.

The chess/checker board insert on the top of the table comes out and it's leather on the reverse side... and if you open it up (it's hinged) there is an over-sized backgammon board. How cool is that! There are also drawers on each side for holding cards, pencils, etc.


It also has a fair amount of problems.. two of the drawers wouldn't push in more than about half way, one drawer front was broken off and another had been broken in the past and glued together, and the top is rough.  There are scratches and gouges, and a large white mark that looks like someone set a hot iron on it.



My original plan was to fix the drawers then sand the top down and stain it to match the rest of the wood. But trying to match the existing stain makes me a little nervous (what if I can't match it?) and some of those gouges are deep!  Then, after visiting Carmen's shop I was inspired to just paint it... kind of a brownish black.  I thought it would look good that color, I wouldn't have to worry about stain matching, and it might be easier and less mess.

But I would have to give it all a light sanding before I painted,which would be a big job... and it's such beautiful wood that I kind of hate to cover it up.

Then E (dd#1) came over and said she thought it looked fine just the way it was... She told me about some kind of furniture wipes that will remove the white mark on top (which I've been looking for but still can't find...), and thought I should just leave it the way it is.

That would sure make it easier in terms of using it. You can't do much to a table that already has that much wear on it...

So all I've done so far is repaired the broken drawer and sanded down the sides of the drawers so they open and close again (and the wood under that finish is beautiful...).

Opinions please...  Leave it? Paint it? Sand down the top and hope to find or mix a matching stain?  What would you do? (And any ideas for getting rid of the white mark?)

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