Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (shed interior)

I haven't posted anything about our shed project for weeks mostly because there hasn't been much going on. Joe has been using bits and pieces of scrap lumber and plywood we've had laying around to build shelves within the shed...a slooooow process.

He's almost done with the shelving now though, and so it was time to clean up and finish off the floor. Meaning paint. Meaning me.

The floor is made of sheets of exterior grade waferboard, it was just raw wood, and had never been painted or sealed that we could tell. Because the shed's main function is that of a garage for the snowplow (which means lots of snow and wetness on the floor), I felt like we really needed to seal the floor well. So I started by painting a fairly thick layer of primer on the whole floor, then came back a week or so later and gave it two thick coats of porch and floor paint.

It was a pretty quick, easy job and now the floor is done, except for a piece of metal trim across the edge of the floor boards where they meet the door. Because the snow plow has chains, we need to protect the edge of the floorboards of they'll quickly get torn up. (Or, more accurately, they get more torn up than they already are... the floor was in rough shape when we bought the shed, torn down in pieces, last summer.)

Joe put some open shelving high on the south end to hold extra wood (2x4's etc) up and out of the way...

We keep all of that kind of scrap wood as it always ends up being used somewhere. ;)

The shelves on the sides are mostly all made from scrap wood we had laying around. He spaced them the way he did (not evenly spaced) to hold specific things...

What those things are I have no idea, although I do know he placed the bottom shelf on the left side at just the right height for a plastic 5 gallon bucket to slide underneath. (We keep those too, both for storage and to use at the barn...)

Here's the interior now...

And our little snowplow, sitting patiently out in the sun, and wind, and rain, and snow... waiting to finally get put away again.

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