Friday, November 15, 2013

a fun little Christmas upcycle (part 1)

On Pinterest last year I saw a very simple, very rustic Christmas tree made from what looked like scrap wood. Here's the picture I saw last year...

I loved the simplicity of it, and thought I'd like to make one, but didn't have time last year to do anything more than think about it.

This year, as Christmas has started getting closer, I thought again about that upcycled Christmas tree and began kind of playing around in my mind with how I could make  something similar. Then I remembered an old pallet I had out by the barn... it was one that had been under our hay but had been broken and repaired and ended up replaced this last summer with a new pallet. I hadn't gotten around to throwing it out yet, it was still out by the barn. I asked R to bring it up to the house when she went out to feed that evening and as soon as I saw it I knew I had the makings of a Christmas tree.

(It's hard to see in this picture, but if you squint your eyes there is definitely a Christmas tree in there...)

First Joe used the sawzall to cut the pallet apart. I'd tried both a hammer and nail puller to pull the nails out to take it apart, but there was no way... Pallets use some kind of "gripping" nail so the sawzall ended up being the only way to get it apart.

This is what I ended up with...

Next I sorted through the boards, some were broken from Murphy stepping on the pallet (he is such a klutzy horse!), so I figured out how to work around the broken pieces and started cutting the boards to the sizes I wanted.

Nice. I think I'm going to like this.


Next I grabbed some odds and ends of paint from my stash, and dry brushed some of the boards white and some grayish/green.

I also painted a couple of the boards with my old standby red barn paint... putting it on thicker knowing I would sand it down later. I left a couple of the boards natural wood.

I'm done painting (and sanding) now and I'm on the lookout for a decent 6' long piece of some kind of wood for the "trunk" of my tree. I went to E's house yesterday and dumpster dove in the construction dumpster in their driveway (they are having some work done on the house) but the only wood I found isn't long enough. :(  So I'm still looking...

In the spirit of spending $0.00 on this project I'm going to search the barn this morning for longer pieces of wood... I might even brave the jungle behind the barn (the fenced off area where Joe's old boat is stored... ) to see if there are any of the old lodge pole pine fence headers out there that might be long enough. (They were original to the house and are too weathered to use as fencing any longer...)

Hopefully this little project will be finished this weekend so I can post some pictures next week.

Ho, ho, ho! :)

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