Friday, November 8, 2013




Outside my window...  it's very dark and it must be windy because I can hear the metallic tones of my wind chimes ...

I am thinking... that it's so weird that I slept in this morning, even sleeping through Joe getting up and getting ready for work... I must have been tired.

I am thankful... for the chance to get together an old friend later today.

In the kitchen... I'm making plans for the snacks for our "stitch and share" co-op this evening. Spiced cider and hot cocoa are definites... and fruit... but I'm not sure what else I'll have.... maybe pumpkin bread.

I am creating... a little music. My mandolin is fixed (it needed a bridge adjustment) and I'm working hard on learning O'Carolan's Concerto... it's such a beautiful tune.

I am going... down to town today for lunch with my friend, and that's ALL!  We've had three doctor appointments, two trips to the pharmacy, and one trip to Children's Hospital for a procedure* this week and I am super tired of running around and the medical field in general.

I am reading... I just finished reading Brain on Fire My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan (which was very good) and am just starting The Guilty One by Linda Ballantyne (which also seems to be very good, although in a different sort of way).

I am hoping... no one gets lost on the dark roads on their way to my house tonight for the co-op class.

I am learning... I'm taking a coursera class: Introduction to Pharmacy. It seemed like a good opportunity to learn a little more about the field of pharmacy and resources available through that field... since we are forever closely tied to psycho-pharmaceuticals... both the good and the bad of them.

Around the house... not much is going on... no big projects... just a few little ones.

One of my favorite things... stay home (or mostly stay home) days... like today.

A few plans for the rest of the week... it's Friday so the week is almost gone, but our weekend plans include one day of outside work cleaning up all the leaves left in the yard (the deer and the wind have helped, but it's still thick with leaves) and cleaning the pasture... and one day shopping, Christmas is right around the corner!

A peek into my day...

one of the big bucks that hang around this time of year...


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* M had an esophagram done... results normal... which is good and bad. Good because it's always good to have a fully functional esophagus but bad because we still don't know why he is choking so often.

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