Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Monday (Nebraska trip)

Crazy Casa K

What makes me happy?

Wide open spaces...

I especially love the wide open spaces of western Nebraska. My Great-Grandpa homesteaded in the lovely rolling hills of central Nebraska, and I was born in Nebraska... although I moved to Colorado when I was still a little girl.

But I think those wide open spaces must be in my blood.

The kids and I traveled back to the Scottsbluff area over the weekend... It was a sad occasion (a funeral) but it was good to see family I hadn't seen in years and to catch up a bit with them.

We took I-25 north from Colorado, but left the interstate in Wyoming and took the "back way" in... through miles upon miles of nothing but the huge sky, wind, prairie and the buttes in the distance.

When I was 17 I would drive my old '63 Chevy out these back roads to visit my sister (through all kinds of weather, never checking a forecast... it's amazing I survived some of those trips!) and the beauty of those going-on-forever spaces would fill me up.

It was no different this time...

It's nice to be home, of course, but it was oh so good to be driving along those roads again... hardly another car in sight, tumbleweeds careening crazily across the road driven by the constant wind, watching the buttes lining the horizon growing bigger and bigger, until finally the road snaked through them, then coming out on the other side to find another butte waiting on the horizon.

It was a good trip...

(The third photo in this post was taken by R.)

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