Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Monday

Crazy Casa K

What makes me happy?

The big full moon...


Not only is a symbolic connection between K (dd#3) who is in Ghana, and home...

...but it was also good company and a good reminder last night as I drove home from dropping S back at her foster home and M was falling apart in the car. He's had some rough days this past week, lots of yelling, anger, obsessiveness, it feels like I haven't had a moment to just relax... and as I sped home (the quicker the better when he's like this in the car) the full moon was huge, hanging on the horizon... seemingly right in front of me... and I thought of Psalm 121 "I lift my eyes..." and it helped me remember that M's anger is nothing more than a momentary blip on the screen of life, and even when he's falling apart and I'm worn out with caring for him, I'm not alone.

And that makes me happy.

The photos are the work of my brother Steve, taken near his home in the west of Ireland... You can find more of his work here and more on his FB page here. Thank you so much Steve for "loaning" your photos to me. :)

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