Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mythbusters exhibit (DMNS)

We visited the Mythbusters exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday as part of a co-op class through our homeschool group. (Duct tape canoe, more about it here.)

What a great exhibit, the kids loved it! There were a lot of props from the various Mythbuster's shows, including a flyable duct tape airplane, and a full sized mechanical shark (which they used to test the theory that it's possible to escape from a shark attack by poking the shark in the eye while he has you in his mouth. (See it here.)

The kids tried most of the experiments, including M seeing how quickly he could don his superhero outfit in a phone booth (turns out it takes him about 45 seconds for a cape, gloves, belt and helmet!). Yes, the cape is on backwards, but if you are a superhero racing the clock to get out of the phone booth and save the city from certain destruction... you can ignore little details like that.

Here are R and M (and me) checking themselves out in the blacklight after checking to see if you get wetter running or walking through the rain (walking was the loser there).


Both kids loved trying to pull a tablecloth off a table quickly enough to not dump everything onto the floor (yes, they did it...).

They also tested their speed in the "dodging bullets" experiment...


And M couldn't stop laughing over this...

All in all it was a great way to spend the morning (and sneak a few science lessons into the day).

If you get a chance to check out this exhibit, take it... it was amazing.

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