Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

My mother used to refer to things, like the little pug dog she had years ago, as being so ugly it was cute.

Mom's dog looked like this:

No, this isn't my mom's dog... but it looks like her. Mom's dog was named Snuffles because that's what she did all the time... snuffled.

She was a great little dog, but after she died and Mom got another black pug we discovered that Mom had gotten lucky with Snuffles... the next little black pug she had was incorrigible and ended up being passed around the family before finally finding someone who could put up with her.

But really this post has nothing to do with dogs... pugs or otherwise... or my mom.

This post is about a pig...

Specifically a pig statue I picked up at the thrift store not long ago.

Like the pug my mom had years ago, it's so ugly it's cute. (Unless you're talking to M and R who think it's so ugly it's... ugly.)

But I like it... chippy paint and all.

Look at it's expression... it's a pig with an attitude.

It might go out to live with the concrete ducks and chickens in the garden next spring...

But for now it's just going to sit there in the dining room... under my little rolltop desk... and look ugly.

(The little stool he's sitting on is a thrifty find as well. I love the woven leather top... that top is really the reason I bought it. I've been doing some more rush seat weaving lately, redoing the seats on some of E's old chairs, and would like to try to weave a leather seat some day.)

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