Tuesday, November 19, 2013

upcycle Christmas tree (part 2)

Last week I posted about a fun upcycle project I was working on... turning some old pallet boards into a rustic Christmas tree like this one:

As of Friday I'd cut the boards the lengths I wanted them, and painted some (I couldn't find old painted boards, and I wanted my tree to have a little color) and was searching for an old  2x4 to use as my tree's "trunk".

I searched the barn and had no luck... there was wood out there but it was all too big... chunky... for what I wanted.

Then I searched the garage and found some wood I'd forgotten I had. Years ago Joe brought me some old oak 1x4's that someone gave him. They'd been used outside so they are weathered, and had some holes drilled in them here and there... but they were long enough, so I picked the one I liked best and got back to work.


I laid out the tree then marked and cut the "trunk" board down to size... (just a little off the top please ;) )

...then laid my "branches" boards back on top and marked their placement with masking tape.

Next I drilled two holes through the trunk board for each horizontal "branch" board... some places I got lucky and the holes already in the board lined up with a branch. The oak was SO HARD it was incredible... but I got them all drilled.

I decided to use both glue and wood screws to hold the branches in place.

All clamped and waiting for the glue to dry...

Once the glue had dried, I finished up with a couple of screws to hold each board as well. It might have been overkill to use the wood glue and the screws, since all the tree is going to do it lean up against a wall somewhere, but I wanted the glue to hold the branches in place while I screwed it together (my fear was some crazily tilted branches at the end), and using both glue and screws to hold it together is good insurance against any branches getting knocked off in the future.

And here it is, almost done. I think I might put some dark wax on the white boards to "age" the paint a little, and I need to hang a few ornaments from the tree as well.

I'm not sure if it will end up outside or inside... it might end up on the front porch.

Joe was excited when he saw it, he thought this would take the place of putting up a real Christmas tree...

Umm... no.

Over all I'm happy with how it turned out. It's heavier than I expected thanks to using all the old oak boards, but I don't expect to be carrying it around here and there so that's ok.

We're off Christmas shopping today... I'd love to be mostly done shopping before Thanksgiving. Trying to keep track of M and R in malls packed with people isn't my thing. They both tend to wander away anyway... I'm forever trying to keep track of them... so getting done, or mostly done with my shopping early works well for me.

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