Wednesday, November 13, 2013

upstairs bath mini-redo

When we bought our house back in 2005 there were a few rooms that were solidly stuck in the 1970's.

Like our upstairs bath... (this is the only "before" picture I have, it was taken before we moved in)

The flooring was the original (1978) sheet linoleum, the light fixtures, vanity, medicine cabinet, and virtually everything in the room was original to the house. It was a like a bathroom time capsule...

So little by little I've been bringing it up to date... It hasn't been a high priority (it's up on the top floor of the house... not a high use area) but has been more of a low cost re-do done in slow motion.

Here's how it looks now...

We started by tearing out the nasty pink carpet (our whole house was carpeted with it when we moved in!!), even the 70's linoleum was better than pink shag.

Later Joe replaced the flooring with Allure vinyl plank flooring. After we used it in all our bathrooms, I starting reading a lot of bad reviews on Allure... but honestly, we've loved ours. It's been 5 years now that we've had it in all three bathrooms without any problems. It holds up to water beautifully, hasn't scratched or worn... we've been really happy with it.

That's where the bathroom stayed for awhile, until a few months ago when I finally reached the point of not being able to look at the 1970's vanity one more minute. There was nothing the matter with it, it worked... but was just so outdated. So I pulled out the paint... (of course).

A couple of coats of black paint, followed by a bit of sanding to give it a little "age" and finally a few coats of clear coat made all the difference in the world. I switched out the old knobs for some pretty cut glass ones (on sale 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby) and was happy.


I love how the vanity looks now.

The medicine cabinet was still an issue but after looking around and finding nothing that was the right size and depth for the hole in the wall this cabinet needed, and not wanting to start cutting bigger/different holes in the drywall, I decided to get out the ORB spray paint and give it a few coats. Much better....

It's still not my favorite style but it works and I can live with it now that it's original bright gold paint is covered up.

I found a bookcase at the thrift store M works at to fill the awkward corner and filled it with a few necessities. The basket on the bottom shelf holds my "barn jeans", the insulated jeans I wear every day but only for about 15 minutes in the morning while I'm doing the barn work. The basket on the middle shelf holds odds and ends, including things M often calls out for at night (like stomach meds). It's easier for me to grab them from here in the middle of the night than run downstairs in the dark and search for them in the kitchen. The quilts on top shelf are just there to add a little lightness and color. (I love the log walls but the house can look very brown without adding color here and there.)

On the other side of the room, above the window, are some bird houses the kids and grandkids painted a few years ago... They had been outside, but they weren't holding up well to the weather so I brought them in, repaired the ones that had come unglued, and put them up there. They are another bright spot of color, and they make me happy to look at...

An original fixture that I kept is the lights... They are definitely the 70's style swag kind of light, but I love the little flowers on the bowls and like leaving a little of the history of the house in place as we update it...

The next room project will probably be the kid's bathroom. Except for the floor and a new light fixture it's also still stuck pretty firmly in the 70's and could use a fresh coat of paint and some updating. That will probably have to wait until after the holidays though... there is too much going on between now and then to start it. :)

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