Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

Denver broke a record last night... it got down to -13.

I'm not sure how cold it was (is) here, but it's cold.

No, I take that back... It's COLD.

It's so cold that when I was out doing the barn work this morning it felt like my eyeballs were going to freeze...


The few things we had on the calendar yesterday were cancelled, and we spent the day at home.  We got a lot of school done, and I started a little Christmas decorating...



I had a nice fire in the fireplace...

... so the living room was toasty warm.

R and I made multiple trips out to the barn yesterday. When it's cold like this Murphy and Tucker need extra hay and more frequent feeds to keep their body temperature up... We fed them 5 times yesterday (versus twice on a regular day) and they ate roughly twice as much hay as usual. So far they are doing ok with the cold... Tucker is a little tank, with a super fluffy thick coat. I did break down and buy Murphy a coat this year though. He's getting older (he'll be 19 in the spring) and it seemed like it was time. He's a little skittish about his coat (I don't know that he's ever worn one before) but does seem more comfortable in the cold.

Doesn't he look handsome?


Murphy scratching his neck on the fence I worked so hard to repair after he tore it up... It's looking like fence repair/re-stretching will be part of my spring chores again this year.

Today will be more of the same... Joe wasn't able to plow the driveway last night so we'll probably be home for the day. I'm not complaining though, we've done so much running around this fall that it's very nice to be "grounded" for a few days.

Stay warm! :)

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