Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-Bye 2013... a look back

Good-bye 2013, it's been nice but I'm ready to see you go...

You didn't begin easily... Joe newly released from the hospital, still not feeling well. The ER visit that started it all was a blessing in disguise however, finding an aneurysm that might have otherwise gone undetected. At about the same time we made the decision that M wouldn't be returning to the public school transition program he'd been attending... and he found a volunteer job at the thrift store in town. (What a blessing that has turned out to be!) The rest of January was seriously up and down... happiness that B (dd#2) was moving back to the area, and sadness that K (dd#3) would soon be leaving for her 27 months in the Peace Corps. Shopping for B's new apartment was mixed with going away parties for K...it was a strange month.

February brought K's leaving, and my return to blogging... as a way (I thought) she could keep up with the goings on here... The lack of electricity in her village has interfered with that plan, but she can still catch up from time to time when she's in the city.

Late winter and early spring was filled with fix up projects around the house, including replacing all the moldings and baseboards in the house (except for the upstairs bedrooms) and becoming very close friends with the miter saw in the process. I also painted a couple of rooms, and ORB-ed everything from light fixtures to doorknobs.

Spring took the work outside, and gardens were tilled, enriched and planted. And then I found an old beat up shed on Craigslist for cheap... and bought it... guaranteeing that our summer would be filled with rebuilding the thing.

June was M's graduation from homeschool... and a lovely time celebrating with friends, as well as Special Olympics softball, a trip to the circus, a fishing derby, and working on the shed. July brought a Rockies game, a visit from "Santa Claus" (my cousin who, during the holiday season, is the BEST S.C. ever!), and more work on the shed.

August was M's 21st birthday (gasp!), the big Special Olympics party, the beginning of the Special Olympics bowling season, lots of RCC (Rotary Community Corps) activities, finally finding a good load of hay for the upcoming year... and more work on the shed.

By September the shed was put together and I gave it a little barn art to finish it off. (Whew!) I spend much of the month celebrating Fall in various ways. It's my favorite season and each year I try to celebrate it's coming with little things (taking a full moon walk, decorating the house for Fall, finding the most beautiful of the fallen leaves...).

October brought a bumper crop of pumpkins (the most we've ever harvested from our little pumpkin patch), tracking down the farrier to trim Murphy and Tucker's hooves one last time before winter, and a slew of medical appointments and procedures for M.

November and December were devoted to the holidays... both Thanksgiving and Christmas... shopping, planning, cooking, more shopping, cleaning, more cooking, more planning and more... seemingly endless... shopping.

It's been a year of a few challenges mixed with many blessings... The blessing of being able to keep our connection to S, and see her regularly, of Joe's health being pretty good (for him!), M's volunteer job at the thrift store and the friends he's made there, K's safety and happiness in Ghana, having B, and E and her family, close. So many blessings... too many to list.

We probably won't do much for New Year's Eve... maybe play a game or two or watch a movie, I thought a sundae bar might be fun for dessert. We'll be in bed by 10:00... (yeah, we're really exciting like that!)

So long...see you next year! :)

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