Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thrifting Thursday (V is for vintage)

I found a couple of oldies but goodies at the thrift store last week...

Like this old Password game... as soon as I saw it game ($1.) I knew I was going to get it.

I remember my folks having this game when I was a little girl. I don't remember playing it, I think I was probably too young to be able to be understand the game well enough to play. But it does bring back memories. This game is in beautiful shape, complete with "leatherette" sleeves for the password cards, the full set of cards, score pad and spinner.


It even still had an advertising insert for the game "Stratego" which must have been new at that time (according to Wikepedia, the  Stratego game was introduced in 1961).


Another clue to the age of the game is the address on the advertisement, it's a pre-ZIP code address (zip codes have been used since 1963).


Remember this guy? It seemed like he was on EVERYTHING when I was a kid... :)


I also found another old cookbook. I do love vintage cookbooks... I love how the recipes are from scratch, without a lot of processed ingredients, which is how I try to cook, and I love the old photos and illustrations (not to mention the yummy recipes!).

I believe this one dates from the 60's (the page with the copyright is missing, but the pages and index match the same cookbook I have that's copyright 1968). I think I'm going to save this one for K (dd#3) and give it to her when she gets back home from the Peace Corps. She may not want to suddenly do a bunch of from-scratch cooking... but I think she will enjoy it for it's age.


Christmas preparations are winding down here... the house is decorated, packages are wrapped, cards are sent... It's my favorite part of the Christmas season, the time to just enjoy the holiness... the anticipation... of this special time of year. Today we're off to work at the thrift store this afternoon, and I might start repainting M's room this morning. His sister gave him some great new bedding, including a new quilt that he loves... but seriously clashes with the teal he choose when we painted his room last year. Honestly, I never cared for the teal... so it's kind of  nice to have an excuse to repaint. :)

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