Wednesday, December 4, 2013

tiny tracks in the snow

I opened the back door this morning and some tiny designs in the snow caught my eye...

As I looked closer I saw tiny tracks in the snow... probably from a magpie. There are always a lot of magpies around... they nest in the big trees in our backyard.

The tracks were beautiful... almost perfectly formed and well preserved in the snow.

As I looked more closely at them, I could almost imagine how the magpie (?) looked hopping around on the door mat... maybe looking for a few stray bits of birdseed? (I have several feeders out back...)

I'll have to remember to fill the feeders today...

I love finding tracks in the snow... R and I used to go walking after it snowed to see how many we could find. There is such a busy community of wildlife outside our door that we sometimes aren't even aware of...

...until we find tiny tracks in the snow.

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