Tuesday, December 3, 2013

warmish November ~ frigid December

We've been spoiled by mostly warm sunny weather we've had during November... There has been a little snow and cold, but most days have been comfortable enough for just a light jacket. According to the weather forecast that is about to change...

Here's this morning's weather...

Longest Cold Spell Since 1990's

DENVER - Here comes the POLAR EXPRESS! A strong cold front will race southward from Canada within the next 12 hours and usher in some of the coldest air Colorado has seen in about three years!  It will also be the longest cold spell since the late 90s.

The core of the cold is anchored right over the North Pole and will send temperatures tumbling in the days and nights to come.  It is likely that Denver and most of eastern Colorado will struggle to reach 10 degrees Wednesday through Friday, with subzero readings at night.

The cold wave is going to last for many days.  It is likely that the most intense cold will be Thursday and Friday with lows well below zero and highs in the single digits to near 10 above.  Along with the  extreme cold, there will be periods of light snow - perhaps adding another inch or two to the total.

I don't mind snow... even blizzards... and I'm fine with reasonably cold temperatures... like down into the teens... but I don't like bitter cold. I don't like knowing it's cold enough outside to kill a person. I don't like knowing that Murphy and Tucker are huddled in their stall, trying to keep warm, and there is no way I can heat the barn. But there isn't much to do but prepare as much as we can for the bitter cold and count the days until it warms up again.

We've known the cold spell is coming so the kids and I have been getting things squared away outside for the past couple of days... R has cleaned the paddock and run (frozen manure is impossible to shovel) and we've finished raking the last of the leaves from the backyard and hauling them down into the "trash" gully to dump. We've got firewood in the house and will bring more up onto the front porch this morning... a fire will help keep the chill off the house. I've spent about 5 hours over the past couple of days caulking all the windows in the sunroom, and sealing shrink plastic over them. The sunroom always gets COLD during these cold spells... so I'm hoping all the caulking and the plastic on the windows and door will help seal it better.

The one job we have to get done that we haven't yet is gathering pinecones. I use pinecones as fire starters, and have gotten lazy lately and hate to use just kindling to get a fire started. Pinecones work so much better. But our pinecone supply is low, so we'll need to head up the hill, under the huge ponderosa pines, and gather up a trash bag full of my little firestarters before it starts to snow later today.

Once the pinecones are gathered I can relax (as much as I ever do when it's this cold) and wait for the warm up next week.

Here's a picture... it has nothing to do with cold, or preparing for the cold... I just thought it was pretty. :)
Winter Rain Chimes....

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