Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A snowy start...

... to 2014

When I went to the barn this morning to feed it was dry outside... and not even very cold... probably in the 30's judging by what was, and wasn't, frozen at  the barn.

As I filled the trough one solitary little snowflake drifted down.

It was so small, and so alone, that I wondered if it was really snow or only a bit of chaff drifting off the hay I'd just placed in the feeders.


As I walked back to the house I saw a few more tiny flakes pulled along by the wind... but just a few.



Now, one hour later, the snow... still tiny flakes... has covered the ground and the sky is white with them.

I'm glad I was outside to see that first tiny snowflake... the beginning of a lovely little snowfall.


What a sweet way to start the new year.

Happy 2014 everyone...

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