Friday, January 3, 2014




Outside my window... the sun is just starting to rise over the hills to the east of us, the sky is blue and cloudless... it looks like it will be a beautiful day

I am thinking... how wonderful it is to have a heated house. The boiler went out night before last and we woke up to a COLD house yesterday... I heated with wood yesterday, which got us through until Joe could fix it, but am surely appreciating the wonders of a heated home today!

I am thankful... for a handy husband ;)

In the kitchen... I'm loving the antique canisters Joe bought me for Christmas. He got them at Carmen's shop... They show their age, but that's part of what I love about them...

I am creating... it looks like I'm making another globe lamp today, Step 7 (the store M volunteers at) has a couple more globes and R asked if I'd make one for her room too. :)

I am going...down to town later to drop off M's blood specimen (I draw at home and drop it off at the hospital) then a quick stop at the store for a few things, and another quick stop at Step 7 to buy that globe.

I am wondering... if the boiler will keep working this time (Joe had to fix it a month ago also... it's getting old.)

I am reading... I just finished a really nice book Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life. I'm going to have to pass it on to Granny, it's about a rescued greyhound... a cause that is near and dear to her.

I am looking forward to... my sister visiting later this month, I haven't seen her for a year!

I am learning...more about the mandolin as I work at transposing some of my favorite guitar music for the mandolin.

Around the house... I painted M's room (again! I just painted it last spring...) and repainted the baseboards and moldings. E (dd#1) gave him a new quilt for his bed that he just LOVES... but it clashed... seriously... with the teal paint he picked last year for his room. So the weekend before Christmas I tore the room apart and quickly repainted it. I'm also replacing some of the doorknobs I ORB-ed last spring (more on that later).

I am pondering... nothing. Pondering takes brain cells, and a lack of sleep has sent most of mine off vacationing somewhere.

One of my favorite things... early  morning at the barn, the animal's frosty breath, the crunch of the snow under my boots, the satisfying crack of the hammer against the ice in the little trough, finding evidence of nighttime visitors in the tracks in the snow around the barn, Murphy and Tucker's thick, soft winter coats (just perfect for warming up my hands).

A few plans for the weekend... I might see if S can come for another weekend before she goes back to school. I enjoy seeing her and don't mind having her a couple of weekends a month... but it's so hard to deal with her foster mom. I dread making the call to set up a visit...

A peek into my day...

my new old canisters


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