Friday, January 10, 2014

Log Home Joys... chinking... chapter 2

The holidays are over.

It's too cold to garden.

It must be the season to work on the house!

When I worked on house projects last winter/spring... replacing the baseboards and moldings and painting the upstairs bedrooms... I really intended to paint the upstairs hall as well.

But I ran out of time... spring sprang, gardens needed to be tilled and planted, and the upstairs hall (complete with countless nail holes, kick marks (don't ask), and new drywall where our SIL patched the ceiling after a water leak, remained unpainted.

So I decided to pick up where I left off last spring and finally (after a year delay!) got it painted over the weekend (the COLD we-have-no-heat weekend... climbing up and down a ladder kept me warmed up!). But once I was done I could see that the adjoining walls into the master bedroom, and down into the living room suddenly looked really dingy. So I painted them too. And while I was painting behind the front door, in the bitter cold, I felt a major draft.

As in a who-left-the-door-open draft.

Having no heat at that time made me especially sensitive to who-left-the-door-open drafts and I knew I had a problem to fix.

Because our house is a log home, there are basically cracks everywhere... between the logs, around the windows, in the corners where the logs join. Since we did all the repairs back in 2005 it's sealed much better... but sometimes I still find cracks and gaps between logs that need to be sealed up.

This time the problem area was the tiny little wall behind the front door. I'm pretty sure it was letting cold air from the garage in.

There were some BIG gaps, and even the small cracks between the logs where they not been chinked, or where the chinking was old and rotten...was letting plenty of air in.

So yesterday I pulled out the caulking/chinking stuff and got to work.

(I'd already started to fill this gap when I took the picture... it was deep!)

I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed the air coming in before now.

I sealed all the way down both sides and rechinked between the logs as well. I was sure I was going to get a big glob of brown caulking/chinking stuff on my newly painted white wall.

But I didn't. (truly a miracle!)

(Curious why the back of my hand is covered with caulking/chinking? This post will explain...)

I have a little more to do today, but I can already feel a difference. Hopefully  the living room (usually the coolest room in the house) will be a little warmer now. :)

(Log Home Joys chapter 1 is here you'd like to read a little blast from the past...)

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