Friday, January 31, 2014


It's been a dry winter so far, and we (us, and our land) have been hungry for snow...

Yesterday afternoon we saw the clouds moving over the mountains to the west of us, and hoped the snow we knew they carried wouldn't pass us by.

It didn't.

By the time we got home from running a couple of errands the sun was gone and the snow had started...


It's stopped snowing (at least for now) but the clouds are laying low on the hills that surround us...


We have just a few inches of snow on the ground now... but I'm hoping it starts snowing again and we get a little more.

I surprised this doe in the front flower garden this morning...

I followed her tracks over the little front yard fence and into the flower garden.


She was after any cottonwood leaves she could find buried under the snow.

She pawed these up from under the snow, but I (accidentally) frightened her away before she could eat them.

Most of the does are pregnant this time of year and they're hungry.

I hope she comes back and finishes them off...

I'm glad I didn't rake them up last fall.

A few more deer pictures.... Stay warm and have a good weekend everyone!



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