Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin find a home (kid's bathroom re-do)

I've spent the past week updating the kid's bathroom... It's taken a LOT more time than I expected it to take, but it's done.

Whew! That room had been a mess...

I'd painted it (kind of a light blue) when we moved in. I picked the color to go with a patchwork fabric shower curtain I'd gotten at Pottery Barn years ago. The shower curtain has since started falling apart and has been "retired" (It's here now, folded on a shelf in the guest bath because I still love the colors in it) but the blue remained.

The vanity is original to the house (1970's) and I believe the big medicine cabinet is too. They were both finished with a shiny orange-y kind of stain (and you know how much I love orange-y wood stain!). We'd laid a new floor down a few years ago and it was in great shape... it was all the rest of the bathroom that badly needed a face lift.

(This is not the vanity in the kid's bathroom, I don't have a "before" picture of it... this is the identical vanity in the guest bath before I painted it.

As I started preparing the walls for paint I found a thick line of drywall going around the top of the shower that had been ruined by moisture, so before I could get to the fun part of fixing up the room I had to dig out all the powdery rotten drywall and patch that whole area.

I'm not the best drywaller... luckily, unless someone is standing on the edge of the tub they're never going to see my patch job.

Once the patching was done I thoroughly caulked that area (the lack of caulk had caused the damage in the first place), primed it and it was finally time to paint.

Since I was too busy working to take pictures, I'm going to skip ahead, past the wall painting, vanity painting, and hook and picture hanging, and show you the finished product:

I was redoing this room on the cheap...It's the kid's bathroom and they are not so very careful with it (how it ended up such a mess to begin with) so I wasn't going to invest a lot in fixing it up. (For them to just mess up again!)

So I mixed the color of the wall paint from paint E (dd#1) had, mixed with some I had... I was going for a parchment like color and it turned out a little dark but I like it.

I decided to ditch the towel bar that had been on this wall (since the kids didn't use it anyway) and instead added this piece of old barn wood I've had stored in the garage and some hooks for towels.


My vintage Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin pictures are happily put back together and found a home here too.

Here's my favorite part... the "new" vanity. Once the walls were painted the room was looking very "beige" and I wanted to add some color... I debated between navy blue and a grayish herb green.

Navy won out. I used some paint I'd bought for a project years ago and hadn't used since. The paint was still good and I love the way the navy color, with the white knobs, freshens up the vanity. It took three coats to make that worn old vanity look nice again, but I do love how it turned out. (The porcelain knobs on the vanity are old, but still good. If I can find the same ones I'm going to add two more to the blank drawer front in the middle.)

I decided not to distress the vanity since the kids will probably end up "distressing" it themselves... no sense hurrying that process along. ;)

I also painted the frame around the big medicine cabinet mirror...

I rehung the white cotton shower curtain I bought a few months ago to replace the quilted one.  I priced out shower doors for the tub but they were just more money than I wanted to spend on this space. They might have helped keep the shower water IN the shower instead of ON the floor... but I really like how the shower curtain looks, so it's ok that it didn't get replaced.

The wall over the toilet looked empty, but I wasn't sure what to put there. Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin kind of had a vintage look going on their wall, so ended up adding a couple of vintage looking tin signs from Retro Planet to the room.

(The color in these photos is a little funky... hopefully I can get some better photos when the light is better.)

So.. that's it... it's finally done. It ended being a super inexpensive (less than $50.) makeover... The only money I spent was on the tin signs ($30.) and the towel hooks ($10.).

It feels good to get another room painted (towards my goal of painting the interior of the house before spring). All I have left is the kitchen, master bedroom/loft and the classroom. The classroom is the room I'm really hoping to get done next...

I'm going to paint over the beadboard on the walls. (Not the logs... gasp!... only the beadboard.) With the log walls there is SO much wood in this house I decided to lighten this room up a bit by painting the beadboard. (In this photo you can see the log walls on the right, and the beadboard on the walls behind the desk.)

It's already mid-February though, so I'm running out of time before it's time for outside work and the inside work stops until next winter. I think I can get the classroom done though... :)

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